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What we do

Our verticals operate with the overarching goal of supporting our member's intellectual and professional interests.



Our educational branch is comprised of our weekly lecture series meant to educate fellows about venture capital, followed by a mid-week discussion with a VC who will be guiding our fellows through their sourcing projects.

The Curriculum will cover an introduction to venture capital, sourcing, due-diligence in market and product research, term sheets, startup financing and exit strategy.

The Fellowship serves as a hands-on project that will leverage the general knowledge taught in the curriculum. With the opportunity to consult with a VC, fellows will deliver their findings on a startup or segment by the end of the semester to our VC mentors and partners. 

Professional Services


BVC's Professional Services vertical was created with the idea of helping VC's outsource some of their internal projects in sourcing, segment analysis, and due diligence to our experienced team.

By connecting students with VC's who will work alongside them on these projects, BVC aims to introduce our members to the raw and rigorous reality of the venture capital world.

New projects begin near the start of each semester. We look to provide a variety of services to firms who are interested, ranging from software building and data science projects to more conventional VC functions like sourcing and supporting the due-diligence process.



BVC's Professional Development Workshops are intended to assist members of BVC professionally. The workshops cover resume and cover letter writing, networking, digital etiquette, and how to get into VC.

Our senior members prepare and conduct mock interviews and give individual assistance on members' application material to help them advance their careers post-undergrad.

Speaker Series


One of the ways in which we aim to grow and foster our community is through our speaker series. We host startup founders, experienced angel investors, and leading venture capitalists alongside other industry experts who work at the intersection with startups like lawyers, corporate venture managers, and investment bankers dealing with M&A.


Diversity of thought is one of the most important features of a functioning community. We aim to bring together people from different industry backgrounds in a meaningful way where students can engage with and get exposure to the huge landscape of startups and VC in the Bay Area.A large part of our community-building efforts is driven in a direction to help student and alumni founders gain visibility and make connections with the VC world.

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