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Fellowship Program

Dive into one of our three core pillars: Education.

See what your journey looks like as a BVC Fellow.


As Venture Capital becomes more popular, it is imperative for us to leverage all that Silicon Valley has to offer for our members and the Cal community. That is why each semester, we bring on new fellows to undergo our intensive fellowship program and gain exposure to the fundamental skills needed for a Venture Capital career. 


Our fellowship program helps fellows define what makes a good market, team, and product, so they can go on and identify great startups. 


Some of the topics we cover include networking, due diligence, thesis building, and more. 


BVC is honored each semester to have mentors from the venture world provide insights into the Venture Capital industry in each fellowship program. These mentors give our fellows guidance on their final projects, real-life examples of what is taught during lectures, and the confidence to dive deeper into the Venture world.

The BVC Demo Day is a showcase of the educational efforts demonstrated by BVC members encapsulated in the latest fellowship class’ sourced startup due diligence presentations.


Here, they showcase how their vision of what makes a good market, team, and product. Demo Day brings the Bay Area’s best startup founders and VCs onto UC Berkeley’s campus to witness the fellows’ work and network with each other. 

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