BVC’s Professional Services vertical was created with the idea of helping VC’s outsource some of their internal projects in sourcing, segment analysis, and due diligence to our experienced team. New projects begin near the start of each semester. We look to provide a variety of services to firms who are interested, ranging from software building and data science projects to more conventional VC functions like sourcing and supporting the due-diligence process.


Due Diligence


Portfolio Consulting

Our Partners

Sequoia Capital

Courtyard Ventures

Berkeley Venture Capital is proud to announce its partnership with Courtyard Ventures, the venture fund started and funded by Haas MBA students. We are thrilled to be their undergraduate partner helping them through deployment of their first fund.

College Ventures Network

Berkeley Venture Capital is a proud member of College Ventures Network, a group of 40+ VC funds and organizations across the U.S. where we help coordinate resource sharing, deal flow and events

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